Graphite condenser knowledge, need to understand

Graphite condenser knowledge, need to understand

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When the graphite condenser is used as a heater, the material should be introduced first, and then the heat carrier should be introduced. When the heat carrier is introduced, the flow rate should be from small to large, the temperature is from low to high, and the cooling is used as a condenser and a cooler. In the past, the venting valve at the top of the casing should be opened, firstly passed into the coolant belt and the casing is completely cleaned and then closed. Open the backwater pipe and pass the material. If there is non-condensable gas in the casing (so it is probably low) Heat exchange efficiency), should be removed. Proper use of graphite condenser equipment, should analyze the material factors of the tube process on a regular basis, to identify whether there is a string leakage. The cooling medium should be checked and scheduled to stop, if necessary, an alarm device can be added. When the heat pipe leaks, it should be stopped for inspection. The post-inspection configuration must be tested and qualified before being put into use. It is strictly forbidden to suddenly raise and lower the temperature to avoid damage to the graphite powder condenser. When the medium pressure is higher than the configured pressure When the medium inlet is accepted, a pressure reducing device should be installed.

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