Block-hole falling film absorber

Block-hole falling film absorber

[Structure and Features]The structure

[Structure and Features]

The structure and principle are similar to those of the tubular graphite falling film absorber, in which only the absorption, cooling and separation parts are composed of a round-hole graphite graphite condenser, and a polytetrafluoroethylene "O" ring or expanded PTFE is used between the heat exchange blocks. (PTFE elastic rope) is sealed, and the whole device is equipped with a pressure spring for automatic expansion and contraction of thermal expansion and contraction. Compared with the round-hole heat exchanger, the top of the equipment is equipped with an absorption tower section and a gas-liquid separator is installed at the bottom.

In addition to the characteristics of the tube-type falling film absorber, the round-block graphite falling film absorber has the advantages of high structural strength, good thermal shock resistance, high quality heat transfer efficiency, easy damage and convenient maintenance. A gas suction device with superior performance.

[Technical characteristics]

Design pressure: tube process: <0.1MPa shell side: 0.4MPa

Design temperature: tube length: intake air temperature <170 ° C shell side: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Heat exchange area: 1 ~ 120m2 can be set according to user needs, the production of large tube type falling film absorber.

Execution standard: refer to HG/T3188-2000 "Cylinder graphite graphite ink absorber"


This series of products is generally used for the absorption of HCl, SO2, NH3, P2O5, H2S gas.

[Equipment advantages]

1) With the unit graphite block design, the damaged block can be replaced quickly

2) Use spacers between graphite blocks, no adhesive, easy to disassemble and install, easy to maintain

3) Adding graphite blocks can increase the area of the heat exchanger

4) Strong impact resistance and good absorption

5) The acid temperature produced is low, generally 3~15 °C higher than the cooling water, so there is no need for post-cooling to simplify the production process.



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