• Graphite condenser knowledge, need to understand

    When the graphite condenser is used as a heater, the material should be introduced first, and then the heat carrier should be introduced. When the heat carrier is introduced, the flow rate should be from small to large, the temperature is from low to high, and the cooling is used as a condenser and a cooler.

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  • Graphite heat exchanger fouling factor and cleaning method

    The flow velocity of the fluid. The flow rate of the fluid can be affected by the influence of heat and mass transfer and the mechanical force, which is very complicated. In fact, the effect of flow rate on different types of fouling is different, and the degree of influence on the scaling of different types of heat exchange equipment is also different.

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  • The history of heat exchanger development

    Plate heat exchangers appeared in the food industry in the 1920s. The heat exchanger made of the plate is compact and has a good heat transfer effect, so it has gradually developed into various forms. In the early 1930s, Sweden made spiral plate heat exchangers.

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  • Design features and processing technology of impervious graphite chemical equipment

    According to the performance characteristics of graphite materials, in the design of impervious graphite chemical equipment (hereinafter referred to as graphite equipment), the following aspects should be noted:

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